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This is a long read but worth it!

Shopping Small is so much more than supporting local communities.

It's supporting actual people, working hard every day to make a dream come true.

It's putting food on the table. Helping make ends meet. And loads and loads of sacrifice.

We grow because of your support and commitment to keep things small and your trust in our business. Your support helps us do our part to ensure better roads, better schools, and more revenue coming into our town.

It truly takes an amazingly supportive community.

The Bargain Boutique would not be where It is today if it wasn't for an amazing group of small business owners, friends, and family who have been the support system I needed to get through the tough times along with the good.

When I began, I had no idea where this adventure would take me.

I have had many people approach me about moving my shop to bigger towns/cities and I have turned them down because I want to stay local. I want to do my part in helping the town that I love grow. This is where I have lived for the last 23 years. This is where I raised my boys. Thorntown is my town and this is where I will stay as long as I have the continued support of my amazing customers, consignors and vendors.

Thank you from every part of my heart for your support. It means the absolute world to me and my family. The Bargain Boutique just had their 5 year anniversary and I feel nothing short of blessed by how much we have grown and changed! I'm excited to see what the future holds 💗

With all of this being said, I have great news. After 5 years at our current location I am very excited to announce that The Bargain Boutique will be moving to a new location! We will be moving to 100 S. Pearl Street right here in Thorntown. This is the location that the gas station was located at and has been recently renovated. I am very excited about the move and I hope to have the continued support of our great community. I will have more information on the details of the move very soon.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Tim for allowing me to start The Bargain Boutique in his building. It wouldn’t have been possible without him. Thank you Tim

With a forever grateful heart, 


The Bargain Boutique

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